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Welcome to Pham Tuan website

PTT – EXIM Co., Ltd
Address: 254/1(first floor) Tran Hung Dao, Ward 11, Dist. 5, HCMC, Vietnam.
TC          : 0311899781
Branch Office 1:
Address  :C43A Binh Phuoc, Binh Nham, Thuan An, Binh Dương
Tel          : 0274 3723684
Fax         :
Email    : info@phamtuants.com
Website: www.phamtuants.com
Hotline: +84-90-3810 576

Business Specialize: Manufacturing, trading in products and waste of Industry, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery.

PTT – EXIM Co., Ltd is established and official opening in August, 2012. It operates in manufacturing, trading and export & import products and waste in Industry, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery, trading animal feeds and other foodstuffs.

Organization Chart

Philosophy and mission

We provide products with high quality and reasonable price.
We always put prestige of the company in all of our actions.
We care about the needs of customers and support them when needed.
We always aim to create a healthy business environment, and care for customers, suppliers, employees and the community.
We actively participate in social activities and charity organizations to help the disabilities and poor people.

Business objectives

1. Our central mission is to develop brand reputation by product quality, intellectual, emotional, creative, and professional ethics of all leaders and staff of the Company.

2. We will take steps to complete the factories in the Central and Western regions with a full range of machinery and equipment necessary for production and recruit a most effective quality management team.

3. We call upon suppliers, agricultural producers in all regions to supply raw materials to us. We are committed to assist you in technical, financial etc and purchase with the highest price.

4. We look for strategic partners inside and outside the country, step by step export products to international markets. We are committed to customers on products quality, the best after-sales service, and meet the entire customer’ requirements even the most stringent customers.

5. We actively join Business, Charity Organizations ect. to connect to society and international community to make the world better.

Sincerely thank you for visiting our website, we welcome any suggestions of cooperation from you to build a long-term relationship, stability, and mutual benefit.

Best regards